What Is Artsourced?

 A play on "outsourced", Artsourced began in 2013 as an artist services business that provides supportive business and marketing services for mid-career and established artists. It has now expanded to include other creative avenues and remote administrative work for small businesses. Read on for more background info, or check out the Services page to learn what Artsourced can do for you.

Origin Story

Artsourced’s mission is to further the artistic careers of its clients by providing business and marketing services that get them out of the office and into the studio.
— Klara Wagnild, founder of Artsourced
Klara Wagnild, founder and owner of Artsourced

Klara Wagnild, founder and owner of Artsourced

Artsourced was an accident. After graduating from St. Olaf College in 2012 with a strong liberal arts background and little to no idea of where she was headed, founder and owner Klara Wagnild took a position doing odd jobs around kinetic sculptor Jeffrey Zachmann's studio in rural Minnesota. She learned to weld (poorly), solder (ok), and use a Plasmacam (awesome), but her true potential wasn't tapped until Jeff was asked to do a TEDx talk. Klara was able to take Jeff's words about his artistic career and craft them into a well-received speech. Jeff was so impressed, he offered her a different job as his executive assistant. Instead of welding things and burning all of Jeff's expensive equipment, Klara was running his website and social media accounts, communicating with clients, and finding and applying for public art opportunities for the studio. She learned a lot about business in a short time, and discovered she actually had a place in it. As it turns out, Jeff wasn't the only artist to want help outside the studio. Thus, Artsourced was born: a play on "outsourced", Artsourced provides supportive business and marketing services for emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Artsourced has since expanded to also include remote administrative services for businesses.